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Movie, TV series and show translation and dubbing. Localization of videogames.

Correctly. Stylish. Up to date!

You want to be sure that the localization will be correct in translation, keeping author's style, dubbed with quality by professional actors and come to you just in time. In fact, you need to be sure! Well, this means you have to work with us, because:
  • All our translations are thoroughly corrected and style checked
  • For voice casting we use the extensive base of actors choosen by our specialists through more than 12 years
  • Quality Assurance: the director is present through all recording process
  • Working with TV since 2008, we never broke a single deadline
  • We keep up to the terms of our agreements. Always.

We translate from the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Chinise
  • Corean
  • Japanese
  • Turkish

Your viewers are choosing us!

People get used to the better. The audience likes when its heroes are talking with refined voices, keeping their unique style and innate intonations. Give it to your viewers, and you'll get their affinity and devotion to your channel. How do we manage to do it?
  • We have more than 100 experienced sound actors with unique voices
  • We have professional directors who know exactly what they do
  • High-end studio hardware

Look and listen to our samples and see for yourselves.

Our accuracy is your profit!

Work for TV channel is very complex and needs great responsibility. Picking up and endorsement of the materials, deadlines, regulations, expences… We'll take off one headache from you to let you concentrate on more important matters. What does it mean?
  • We keep to deadlines even when the material's send is delayed
  • We have our own QA on the trandlation and dubbing stages
  • We work with off-air and cable television and well experienced in their specifications

Read your collegues responses of our work and see for yourselves.